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    Explaining energy transition: A systemic social mechanisms approach illustrated with the examples of Germany and Poland

    Weisenfeld, U. & Rollert, K. E., 01.06.2024, in: Energy Research and Social Science. 112, 13 S., 103512.

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  2. Angenommen/Im Druck

    Narrative approach to futures: Future-oriented perspective to responsible digital transformation

    Zimmer, M. P. & Minkkinen, M., 15.04.2024, (Angenommen/Im Druck) ECIS 2024 Proceedings. AIS eLibrary, 16 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in SammelwerkenAufsätze in KonferenzbändenForschungbegutachtet

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    Worlds Apart: Does Perceptual Congruence Between Leaders and Older Employees Regarding Age-Friendly Organizational Climate, Management, and Work Design Matter?

    Finsel, J., Venz, L., Wöhrmann, A. M., Wilckens, M. R. & Deller, J., 13.04.2024, in: Work, Aging and Retirement. 10, 2, S. 123-137 15 S.

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    (Gegen-)Bewegungen der Digitalisierung: Feldtheoretische Perspektiven auf Plattformen und Arbeit 4.0

    Meyer, U., Pernicka, S. & Schüßler, E., 10.04.2024, Gesellschaft in Transformation: Sorge, Kämpfe und Kapitalismus. 1 Aufl. Beltz Juventa Verlag, S. 248 - 260 12 S. (Arbeitsgesellschaft im Wandel).

    Publikation: Beiträge in SammelwerkenKapitel

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    Entrepreneuring as Multispecies Composting

    Cnossen, B., Byrne, O., Lassalle, P., Thompson, N., Verduijn, K. & Yeröz, H., 05.04.2024, Organization Studies and Posthumanism: Towards a More-than-Human World. de Vaujany, F-X., Gherardi, S. & Silva, P. (Hrsg.). Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, S. 53-75 22 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in SammelwerkenAufsätze in SammelwerkenForschungbegutachtet

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    Careless product use in access-based services: A rebound effect and how to address it

    Ackermann, L. & Tunn, V. S. C., 01.04.2024, in: Journal of Business Research. 177, 11 S., 114643.

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    Corporate change agents for sustainability: Transforming organizations from the inside out

    Schaltegger, S., Girschik, V., Trittin-Ulbrich, H., Weissbrod, I. & Daudigeos, T., 04.2024, in: Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility. 33, 2, S. 145-156 12 S.

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    Enacting a Grand Challenge for Business and Society: Theorizing Issue Maturation in the Media-Based Public Discourse on COVID-19 in Three National Contexts

    Schwoon, B., Schoeneborn, D. & Scherer, A. G., 04.2024, in: Business and Society. 63, 4, S. 869-919 51 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungbegutachtet

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    Artistic Directors and Cultural Leadership: Helen Marriage, Director of Artichoke and Former Creative Director of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture: In Conversation (UK)

    Hadley, S., 29.03.2024, Cultural Leadership in Practice : Beyond Arts Management and Cultural Policy . Hadley, S. (Hrsg.). London: Taylor and Francis Inc., S. 44-67 24 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in SammelwerkenKapitelbegutachtet

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    Cultural Leadership in Practice: Beyond Arts Management and Cultural Policy

    Hadley, S. (Hrsg.), 29.03.2024, London: Taylor and Francis Inc. 253 S.

    Publikation: Bücher und AnthologienSammelwerke und AnthologienForschung

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