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    Just another buzzword? A systematic literature review of knowledge-related concepts in sustainability science

    Apetrei, C. I., Caniglia, G., von Wehrden, H. & Lang, D. J., 05.2021, in : Global Environmental Change. 68, 33 S., 102222.

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    Ecosystem service mapping needs to capture more effectively the biodiversity important for service supply

    Ceausu, S., Apaza-Quevedo, A., Schmid, M., Martín-López, B., Cortés-Avizanda, A., Maes, J., Brotons, L., Queiroz, C. & Pereira, H. M., 04.2021, in : Ecosystem Services. 48, 10 S., 101259.

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    Transdisciplinary sustainability research in real-world labs: success factors and methods for change

    Bergmann, M., Schäpke, N., Marg, O., Stelzer, F., Lang, D. J., Bossert, M., Gantert, M., Häußler, E., Marquardt, E., Piontek, F. M., Potthast, T., Rhodius, R., Rudolph, M., Ruddat, M., Seebacher, A. & Sußmann, N., 01.03.2021, in : Sustainability Science. 16, 2, S. 541-564 24 S.

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    Aesthetic Expertise for Sustainable Development: Envisioning Artful Scientific Policy Advice

    Heinrichs, H., 10.02.2021, in : World. 2, 1, S. 92-104 13 S.

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    Compensation-related institutional investor activism. A literature review and integrated analysis of sustainability aspects

    Velte, P. & Obermann, J., 20.01.2021, in : Journal of Global Responsibility. 12, 1, S. 22-51 30 S.

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    Determinants and consequences of Corporate Social Responsibility Assurance: A systematic review of archival research

    Velte, P., 20.01.2021, in : Society and Business Review. 16, 1, S. 1-25 25 S.

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    Inner transformation to sustainability as a deep leverage point: fostering new avenues for change through dialogue and reflection

    Woiwode, C., Schäpke, N., Bina, O., Veciana, S., Kunze, I., Parodi, O., Schweizer-Ries, P. & Wamsler, C., 19.01.2021, in : Sustainability Science. 18 S.

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    Board gender diversity and carbon emissions: European evidence on curvilinear relationships and critical mass

    Nuber, C. & Velte, P., 17.01.2021, in : Business Strategy and the Environment. 35 S.

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    Decision-making for nature’s contributions to people in the Cape Floristic Region: the role of values, rules and knowledge

    Topp, E., Loos, J. & Martín-López, B., 08.01.2021, in : Sustainability Science. 22 S.

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    Governing Transitions towards Sustainable Agriculture - Taking Stock of an Emerging Field of Research

    Melchior, I. C. & Newig, J., 08.01.2021, in : Sustainability. 13, 2, 27 S., 528.

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