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    Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung nach der CSRD: Eine kritische Würdigung

    Wulf, I. & Velte, P., 30.09.2022, in: Zeitschrift für Corporate Governance (ZCG). 17, 5, S. 223-232 10 S.

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    Corporate Climate Reporting of European Banks: Are these institutions compliant with climate issues?

    Friedrich, T., Velte, P. & Wulf, I., 07.10.2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Business Strategy and the Environment. 18 S.

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    Collective intentionality in entrepreneurship-as-practice

    Farny, S. & Kibler, E., 01.01.2022, Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship as Practice. Thompson, N. A., Byrne, O., Jenkins, A. & Teague, B. T. (Hrsg.). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, S. 127-140 14 S. (Handbooks of Business and Management Research as Practice).

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    Debating accounting and sustainability: from incompatibility to rapprochement in the pursuit of corporate sustainability

    Baker, M., Gray, R. & Schaltegger, S., 2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. 29 S.

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    Toward holistic corporate sustainability-Developing employees' action competence for sustainability in small and medium-sized enterprises through training

    Schroeder, S., Wiek, A., Farny, S. & Luthardt, P., 11.08.2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Business Strategy and the Environment.

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    Who can nudge for sustainable development? How nudge source renders dynamic norms (in-)effective in eliciting sustainable behavior

    Boenke, L., Panning, M., Thurow, A., Hörisch, J. & Loschelder, D. D., 25.09.2022, in: Journal of Cleaner Production. 368, 11 S., 133246.

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    Understanding positive contributions to sustainability. A systematic review

    Dijkstra-Silva, S., Schaltegger, S. & Beske-Janssen, P., 15.10.2022, in: Journal of Environmental Management. 320, 11 S., 115802.

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    Environmental management accounting: development, context, contribution and outlook

    Schaltegger, S., Burritt, R. & Christ, K. L., 04.08.2022, Handbook of Accounting and Sustainability. Adams, C. (Hrsg.). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, S. 260-278 19 S. (Research handbooks in accounting).

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    The Potential of Modular Product Design on Repair Behavior and User Experience - Evidence from the Smartphone Industry

    Amend, C., Revellio, F., Tenner, I. & Schaltegger, S., 20.09.2022, in: Journal of Cleaner Production. 367, 14 S., 132770.

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    Special Issue on Impact Investing – Critical Examinations of Motivations, Processes and Results

    Hockerts, K. (Hrsg.), Hehenberger, L. (Hrsg.), Schaltegger, S. (Hrsg.) & Farber, V. (Hrsg.), 2022, Dordrecht: Springer. 180 S. (Journal of Business Ethics; Band 179, Nr. 4)

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