Entwicklung und Validierung eines Fragebogens zur Erfassung von Freude am Schulsport im Jugendalter (FEFS-J)

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The aim of the present study was the development and validation of an instrument for the assessment of different facets of students’ enjoyment in physical education classes. Based on selected theoretical approaches, sport enjoyment (Scanlan & Simons, 1992) was refined to a 3-factor model (pleasure; flow experience; recovery). The psychometric examination was realized with 1,253 students in grades 7 – 10. Confirmatory factor analysis generally supported the hypothesized 3-factor structure, which proved to be invariant across gender and age. Reliability coefficients ranged from acceptable to good. Correlations with intrinsic motivation, general physical ability, distraction / catharsis, grade in physical education, and sport activity in leisure were consistent with theoretical assumptions. Gender-specific and age-specific differences in sport enjoyment were found, as expected. In conclusion, the FEFS-J is a valid, economic, and theoretically based measure for the assessment of sport enjoyment.
Translated title of the contributionDevelopment and Validation of a Questionnaire for Measuring Students’ Enjoyment in Physical Education Classes
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Issue number3
Pages (from-to)166-178
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Publication statusPublished - 07.2019