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The Research Database is Leuphana´s directory of projects, publications and research activities. Public content of the database can be searched online in German and English. The service contains the University bibliography since 2000 and third-party funded projects from 2009 onwards.

Leuphana uses a Current Research Information System (CRIS) to make information on its research available in a simple and reliable manner. Publication information is imported from public sources or entered manually. Other information relevant to research is made available by administrative systems. Scholars and researchers complete their portfolio of projects, publications and research activities via individual user accounts. Support is available through a network of qualified editors in the individual departments and faculties and by the Database Team.

Note for users:

Our scholars decide individually about the visibility of their portfolio items in the public research directory. The directory is not intended to be used for assessments or reports. Please contact the Leuphana Research Office for assistance if a formal research report is needed.

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Download the document below to get an overview of functionalities to help you access and display the underlying data to serve your information needs. Discovery tools (PDF)