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  1. Published

    Future-Proofing Fuel Cells: Critical Raw Material Governance in Sustainable Energy

    David, M., Lyth, S. M., Lindner, R. & Harrington, G. F., 12.08.2021, 1 ed. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan UK. 139 p.

    Research output: Books and anthologiesBookResearch

  2. Influence of spectrally selective solar cells on microalgae growth in photo-bioreactors

    Osterthun, N., Helamieh, M., Berends, D., Neugebohrn, N., Gehrke, K., Vehse, M., Kerner, M. & Agert, C., 28.06.2021, AgriVoltaics 2020 Conference: Launching Agrivoltaics World-Wide. Dupraz, C. (ed.). American Institute of Physics Inc., 7 p. 070001. (AIP Conference Proceedings; vol. 2361).

    Research output: Contributions to collected editions/worksArticle in conference proceedingsResearchpeer-review

  3. Published

    Transforming knowledge systems for life on Earth: Visions of future systems and how to get there

    Fazey, I., Schäpke, N., Caniglia, G., Hodgson, A., Kendrick, I., Lyon, C., Page, G., Patterson, J., Riedy, C., Strasser, T., Verveen, S., Adams, D., Goldstein, B., Klaes, M., Leicester, G., Linyard, A., McCurdy, A., Ryan, P., Sharpe, B., Silvestri, G., Abdurrahim, A. Y., Abson, D., Adetunji, O. S., Aldunce, P., Alvarez-Pereira, C., Amparo, J. M., Amundsen, H., Anderson, L., Andersson, L., Asquith, M., Augenstein, K., Barrie, J., Bent, D., Bentz, J., Bergsten, A., Berzonsky, C., Bina, O., Blackstock, K., Boehnert, J., Bradbury, H., Brand, C., Böhme, J., Bøjer, M. M., Carmen, E., Charli-Joseph, L., Choudhury, S., Chunhachoti-ananta, S., Cockburn, J., Colvin, J., Connon, I. L. C., Cornforth, R., Cox, R. S., Cradock-Henry, N., Cramer, L., Cremaschi, A., Dannevig, H., Day, C. T., de Lima Hutchison, C., de Vrieze, A., Desai, V., Dolley, J., Duckett, D., Durrant, R. A., Egermann, M., Elsner (Adams), E., Fremantle, C., Fullwood-Thomas, J., Galafassi, D., Gobby, J., Golland, A., González-Padrón, S. K., Gram-Hanssen, I., Grandin, J., Grenni, S., Lauren Gunnell, J., Gusmao, F., Hamann, M., Harding, B., Harper, G., Hesselgren, M., Hestad, D., Heykoop, C. A., Holmén, J., Holstead, K., Hoolohan, C., Horcea-Milcu, A. I., Horlings, L. G., Howden, S. M., Howell, R. A., Huque, S. I., Inturias Canedo, M. L., Iro, C. Y., Ives, C. D., John, B., Joshi, R., Juarez-Bourke, S., Juma, D. W., Karlsen, B. C., Kliem, L., Kläy, A., Kuenkel, P., Kunze, I., Lam, D., Lang, D. J., Larkin, A., Light, A., Luederitz, C., Luthe, T., Maguire, C., Mahecha-Groot, A. M., Malcolm, J., Marshall, F., Maru, Y., McLachlan, C., Mmbando, P., Mohapatra, S., Moore, M. L., Moriggi, A., Morley-Fletcher, M., Moser, S., Mueller, K. M., Mukute, M., Mühlemeier, S., Naess, L. O., Nieto-Romero, M., Novo, P., ÓBrien, K., O'Connell, D. A., O'Donnell, K., Olsson, P., Pearson, K. R., Pereira, L., Petridis, P., Peukert, D., Phear, N., Pisters, S. R., Polsky, M., Pound, D., Preiser, R., Rahman, M. S., Reed, M. S., Revell, P., Rodriguez, I., Rogers, B. C., Rohr, J., Nordbø Rosenberg, M., Ross, H., Russell, S., Ryan, M., Saha, P., Schleicher, K., Schneider, F., Scoville-Simonds, M., Searle, B., Sebhatu, S. P., Sesana, E., Silverman, H., Singh, C., Sterling, E., Stewart, S. J., Tàbara, J. D., Taylor, D., Thornton, P., Tribaldos, T. M., Tschakert, P., Uribe-Calvo, N., Waddell, S., Waddock, S., van der Merwe, L., van Mierlo, B., van Zwanenberg, P., Velarde, S. J., Washbourne, C. L., Waylen, K., Weiser, A., Wight, I., Williams, S., Woods, M., Wolstenholme, R., Wright, N., Wunder, S., Wyllie, A. & Young, H. R., 01.12.2020, In : Energy Research and Social Science. 70, 18 p., 101724.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  4. Published

    Global and regional probabilities of major nuclear reactor accidents

    Engler, J. O., 01.09.2020, In : Journal of Environmental Management. 269, 7 p., 110780.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  5. Published

    Growth of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria Gallionella ferruginea and Leptothrix cholodnii in Oligotrophic Environments: Ca, Mg, and C as Limiting Factors and G. ferruginea Necromass as C-Source

    Eggerichs, T., Wiegand, M., Neumann, K., Opel, O., Thronicker, O. & Szewzyk, U., 07.02.2020, In : Geomicrobiology Journal. 37, 2, p. 190-199 10 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  6. Published

    Applying the energy cultures framework to understand energy systems in the context of rural sustainability transformation

    Klaniecki, K., Duse, I. A., Lutz, L. M., Leventon, J. & Abson, D. J., 02.2020, In : Energy Policy. 137, 12 p., 111092.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  7. Published

    Stadt-Land-Disparitäten in der Energiewende: Empirische Erkenntnisse zu finanzieller Bürgerbeteiligung

    Holstenkamp, L. & Radtke, J., 01.2020, Dezentral, partizipativ und kommunikativ: Zukunft der Energiewende. Kamlage, J-H. & Engler, S. (eds.). Nordhausen: Verlag Traugott Bautz, p. 137-176 40 p.

    Research output: Contributions to collected editions/worksContributions to collected editions/anthologiesResearchpeer-review

  8. Published

    Energy transition and civic engagement

    Radtke, J., Drewing, E., Eichenauer, E., Holstenkamp, L., Kamlage, J-H., Mey, F., Warode, J. & Wegener, J., 2020, The Role of Public Participation in Energy Transitions. Renn, O., Ulmer, F. & Deckert, A. (eds.). London: Academic Press Inc., p. 81-91 11 p.

    Research output: Contributions to collected editions/worksContributions to collected editions/anthologiesResearchpeer-review

  9. Published

    Reversible formation of alcohol solvates and their potential use for heat storage

    Korhammer, K., Mihály, J., Bálint, S., Trif, L., Vass, Á., Tompos, A. & Tálas, E., 01.10.2019, In : Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 138, 1, p. 11-33 23 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  10. Published

    Cross-National Complementarity of Technology Push, Demand Pull, and Manufacturing Push Policies: The Case of Photovoltaics

    Hansen, E. G., Ludeke-Freund, F., Quan, X. I. & West, J., 08.2019, In : IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 66, 3, p. 381-397 17 p., 8424882.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

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