DigiTal - Subproject 01: Virtual realities for competence development and reflection

Project: Teaching

Project participants


This project addresses the increasing use of virtual reality in the university context and pursues the sustainable implementation and further development of the technology for the entire university. In the future, VR will enable students at Leuphana to immerse themselves in controlled, computer-programmed, interactive environments in a protected setting. Here they can realistically expand their declarative knowledge with elements of procedural knowledge and acquire theory-based practical skills. In addition, the technology brings with it a pronounced potential for intensive reflection with fellow students, lecturers and experts.

As an interdisciplinary project, two thematic approaches are pursued with regard to the application of VR. Students will be trained in their applied competencies and skills as teachers and counselors in the school context and in their negotiation skills as applicants in assessment centers. The project also follows two technological development steps. The first step is to test VR technology in combination with 3D360° recordings. The second stage involves the development of realistic and interactive VR training modules using the Unreal Engine or Unity3D. The Oculus Quest 2 is used as the HMD in both development stages. Through the immersion in the VR environment and the associated increased realism of the experienced situation, e.g. compared to role plays with fellow students or case studies in written form, the students can gain their own experience in practical use cases and are thus better prepared for real future scenarios, e.g. the preparatory service or the first salary negotiation.