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    Advancing understanding of natural resource governance: a post-Ostrom research agenda

    Cumming, G. S., Epstein, G., Anderies, J. M., Apetrei, C-I., Baggio, J. A., Bodin, Ö., Chawla, S., Clements, H. S., Cox, M. E., Egli, L., Gurney, G. G., Lubell, M. N., Magliocca, N. R., Morrison, T. H., Müller, B., Seppelt, R., Schlüter, M., Unnikrishnan, H., Villamayor-Tomas, S. & Weible, C. M. 01.06.2020 in : Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 44, S. 26-34 9 S.

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    Do environmental preferences in wealthy nations persist in times of crisis?: The European environmental attitudes (2008-2017)

    Cotta, B. & Vincenzo, M. 03.2020 in : Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica. 50, 1, S. 1-16 16 S.

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    A typology of actors and their strategies in multi-scale governance of wind turbine conflict within forests

    Jürges, N., Leahy, J. & Newig, J. 2020 in : Land Use Policy. 96, S. 1-9 9 S., 104691

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    Sustainable Public Administration, Special Issue in Sustainability

    Heinrichs, H. (Hrsg.) & Laws, N. (Hrsg.) 2020 MDPI. (Sustainability; Band Special Issue "Sustainable Public Administration")

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    Reflecting trends in the academic landscape of sustainable energy using probabilistic topic modeling

    Bickel, M. W. 20.12.2019 in : Energy, Sustainability and Society. 9, 1, 23 S., 49

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    Food policy councils as loci for practising food democracy? Insights from the case of Oldenburg, Germany

    Sieveking, A. 28.10.2019 in : Politics and Governance. 7, 4, S. 48-58 11 S.

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