Was tun? Perspektiven für eine Unterrichtsqualitätsforschung der Zukunft

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  • Lukas Begrich
  • Anna Katharina Praetorius
  • Jasmin Decristan
  • Benjamin Fauth
  • Richard Göllner
  • Christian Herrmann
  • Marc Kleinknecht
  • Sandy Taut
  • Mareike Kunter

Over the past decades, research on teaching quality has substantially contributed to the understanding of high quality teaching. It has brought forth influential models that provide a common ground for research on teaching. At the same time, societal change requires a reorientation of teaching in schools. It seems questionable whether the current approaches of teaching quality research can contribute to the success of teaching in the future. Therefore, based on a future workshop method, the Leibniz Network of Research on Teaching Quality has started a longer-term working process to consider future developments of teaching and to identify urgent questions and fields of action for research on teaching quality. The present paper outlines the results of this initial exchange. Furthermore, it gives insight into the current work within the network that aims at an advancement of research on teaching quality based on the results of the workshop.

Translated title of the contributionWhat to do? Perspectives on teaching quality research for the future
Original languageGerman
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)63-97
Number of pages35
Publication statusPublished - 03.2023

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