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  1. Published

    Foliar application of lambda-cyhalothrin modulates root exudate profile and the rhizosphere bacteria community of dioecious Populus cathayana

    He, Y., Zhu, Z., Zhou, Z., Lu, T., Kumar, A. & Xia, Z., 15.11.2022, In: Environmental Pollution. 313, 120123.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  2. E-pub ahead of print

    Habitat diversity and peat moss cover drive the occurrence probability of the threatened ground beetle Carabus menetriesi (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in a Bavarian mire

    Harry, I., Assmann, T., Dormann, C. F. & Skarbek, C. J., 04.09.2022, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Journal of Insect Conservation. 9 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  3. Published

    Placing Brazil's grasslands and savannas on the map of science and conservation

    Overbeck, G. E., Vélez-Martin, E., Menezes, L. D. S., Anand, M., Baeza, S., Carlucci, M. B., Dechoum, M. S., Durigan, G., Fidelis, A., Guido, A., Moro, M. F., Munhoz, C. B. R., Reginato, M., Rodrigues, R. S., Rosenfield, M. F., Sampaio, A. B., Barbosa da Silva, F. H., Silveira, F. A. O., Sosinski, Ê. E., Staude, I. R., Temperton, V. M., Turchetto, C., Veldman, J. W., Viana, P. L., Zappi, D. C. & Müller, S. C., 01.09.2022, In: Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. 56, 125687.

    Research output: Journal contributionsScientific review articlesResearch

  4. Published

    Root biology never sleeps: 11th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research (ISRR11) and the 9th International Symposium on Root Development (Rooting2021), 24-28 May 2021

    Carley, C. N., Chen, G., Das, K. K., Delory, B. M., Dimitrova, A., Ding, Y., George, A. P., Greeley, L. A., Han, Q., Hendriks, P. W., Hernandez-Soriano, M. C., Li, M., Ng, J. L. P., Mau, L., Mesa-Marín, J., Miller, A. J., Rae, A. E., Schmidt, J., Thies, A., Topp, C. N., Wacker, T. S., Wang, P., Wang, X., Xie, L. & Zheng, C., 01.09.2022, In: The New phytologist. 235, 6, p. 2149-2154 6 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsOther (editorial matter etc.)Research

  5. Published

    Effects of tree diversity on canopy space occupation vary with tree size and canopy space definition in a mature broad-leaved forest

    Georgi, L., Kunz, M., Fichtner, A., Bienert, A., Maas, H-G. & von Oheimb, G., 15.08.2022, In: Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 323, 109055.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  6. E-pub ahead of print

    Recycling of organic residues to produce insulation composites: A review

    Schritt, H. & Pleissner, D., 01.12.2022, In: Cleaner Waste Systems. 3, 12 p., 100023.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  7. Published

    What are mycorrhizal traits?

    Chaudhary, V. B., Holland, E. P., Charman-Anderson, S., Guzman, A., Bell-Dereske, L., Cheeke, T. E., Corrales, A., Duchicela, J., Egan, C., Gupta, M. M., Hannula, S. E., Hestrin, R., Hoosein, S., Kumar, A., Mhretu, G., Neuenkamp, L., Soti, P., Xie, Y. & Helgason, T., 01.07.2022, In: Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 37, 7, p. 573-581 9 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsComments / Debate / ReportsResearch

  8. Published

    Sustainable Production of the Cyanophycin Biopolymer in Tobacco in the Greenhouse and Field

    Huckauf, J., Brandt, B. P., Dezar, C., Nausch, H., Hauerwaas, A., Weisenfeld, U., Elshiewy, O., Rua, M., Hugenholtz, J., Wesseler, J., Cingiz, K. & Broer, I., 13.06.2022, In: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. 10, p. 1-11 11 p., 896863.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  9. Published

    Taxonomic revision of the African and Southwest Asian species of Platyderus Stephens, subg. Eremoderus Jeanne (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Sphodrini)

    Guéorguiev, B., Wrase, D. W., Assmann, T., Muilwijk, J. & Machard, P., 13.06.2022, In: Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. 69, 1, p. 71-122 52 p.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

  10. Published

    From stories to maps: translating participatory scenario narratives into spatially explicit information

    Duguma, D. W., Schultner, J., Abson, D. J. & Fischer, J., 06.2022, In: Ecology and Society. 27, 2, 26 p., 13.

    Research output: Journal contributionsJournal articlesResearchpeer-review

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