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    Toward holistic corporate sustainability-Developing employees' action competence for sustainability in small and medium-sized enterprises through training

    Schroeder, S., Wiek, A., Farny, S. & Luthardt, P., 05.2023, in: Business Strategy and the Environment. 32, 4, S. 1650-1669 20 S.

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    Indigenous and local knowledge in biocultural approaches to sustainability: a review of the literature in Spanish

    Burke, L., Díaz Reviriego, I., Lam, D. & Hanspach, J., 02.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 15 S., 2157490.

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    Exploring the potential of SMEs to build individual, organizational, and community resilience through sustainability-oriented business practices

    DiBella, J., Forrest, N., Burch, S., Rao-Williams, J., Ninomiya, S. M., Hermelingmeier, V. & Chisholm, K., 01.2023, in: Business Strategy and the Environment. 32, 1, S. 721-735 15 S.

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    Transformationspfade für eine Kultur der Nachhaltigkeit an deutschen Hochschulen

    Fritz, H., Holst, J., Lang, D. J., Nölting, B., Parodi, O., Potthast, T. & Singer-Brodowski, M., 21.12.2022, in: GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society. 31, 4, S. 254-256 3 S.

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    A framework to enable sustainability-oriented transition activities in HEIs: Learnings from two case studies in Germany and Switzerland

    Kirst, E. & Schroth, T., 15.12.2022, in: Journal of Cleaner Production. 379, 134605.

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    Explore, engage, empower: methodological insights into a transformative mixed methods study tackling the COVID-19 lockdown

    Fritz, L., Vilsmaier, U., Clement, G., Daffe, L., Pagani, A., Pang, M., Gatica-Perez, D., Kaufmann, V., Santiago Delefosse, M. & Binder, C. R., 12.2022, in: Humanities & social sciences communications. 9, 1, 13 S., 175.

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    Amplifying actions for food system transformation: insights from the Stockholm region

    Lam, D. P. M., Jiménez-Aceituno, A., Guerrero Lara, L., Sellberg, M. M., Norström, A. V., Moore, M-L., Peterson, G. D. & Olsson, P., 11.2022, in: Sustainability Science. 17, 6, S. 2379-2395 17 S.

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    Making transdisciplinarity happen: Phase 0, or before the beginning

    Horcea-Milcu, A. I., Leventon, J. & Lang, D. J., 01.10.2022, in: Environmental Science and Policy. 136, S. 187-197 11 S.

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    Transcending the Locality of Grassroots Initiatives: Diffusion of Sustainability Knowledge and Practice through Transdisciplinary Research

    Ortíz, W. & Vilsmaier, U., 01.10.2022, in: Sustainability (Switzerland). 14, 19, 17 S., 12259.

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    Socio-Environmental Vulnerability of Agriculture Communities to Climate Change in Western Himalaya: A Household-Level Review

    Chauhan, N., von Wehrden, H. & Joshi, P. K., 24.09.2022, Challenges of Disasters in Asia: Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience. Sajjad, H., Siddiqui, L., Rahman, A., Tahir, M. & Ahsan Siddiqui, M. (Hrsg.). Springer, S. 123-145 23 S.

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