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    Green chemistry and its contribution to industrial biotechnology

    Pleissner, D. & Kümmerer, K. 2020 Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment in Industrial Biotechnology. Fröhling, M. & Hiete, M. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer International Publishing AG, S. 281-298 18 S. (Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology; Band 173)

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    The effect of organic acids and alcohols on precipitation of phosphate using calcined seashell powder

    Pleissner, D., Zaman, T. & Peinemann, J. 2020 in : CHEMICAL PAPERS. 74, 4, S. 1211-1217 7 S.

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    Recent trends in green and sustainable chemistry: rethinking textile waste in a circular economy

    To, M. H., Uisan, K., Ok, Y. S., Pleißner, D. & Lin, C. 12.2019 in : Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. 20, S. 1-10 10 S.

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    Natural formation of chloro- and bromoacetone in salt lakes of Western Australia

    Sattler, T., Sörgel, M., Wittmer, J., Bourtsoukidis, E., Krause, T., Atlas, E., Benk, S., Bleicher, S., Kamilli, K., Ofner, J., Kopetzky, R., Held, A., Palm, W. U., Williams, J., Zetzsch, C. & Schöler, H. F. 01.11.2019 in : Atmosphere. 10, 11, 21 S., 663

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    Genetic toxicology in silico protocol

    Hasselgren, C., Ahlberg, E., Akahori, Y., Amberg, A., Anger, L. T., Atienzar, F., Auerbach, S., Beilke, L., Bellion, P., Benigni, R., Bercu, J., Booth, E. D., Bower, D., Brigo, A., Cammerer, Z., Cronin, M. T. D., Crooks, I., Cross, K. P., Custer, L., Dobo, K., Doktorova, T., Faulkner, D., Ford, K. A., Fortin, M. C., Frericks, M., Gad-McDonald, S. E., Gellatly, N., Gerets, H., Gervais, V., Glowienke, S., Van Gompel, J., Harvey, J. S., Hillegass, J., Honma, M., Hsieh, J. H., Hsu, C. W., Barton-Maclaren, T. S., Johnson, C., Jolly, R., Jones, D., Kemper, R., Kenyon, M. O., Kruhlak, N. L., Kulkarni, S. A., Kümmerer, K., Leavitt, P., Masten, S., Miller, S., Moudgal, C., Muster, W., Paulino, A., Lo Piparo, E., Powley, M., Quigley, D. P., Reddy, M. V., Richarz, A. N., Schilter, B., Snyder, R. D., Stavitskaya, L., Stidl, R., Szabo, D. T., Teasdale, A., Tice, R. R., Trejo-Martin, A., Vuorinen, A., Wall, B. A., Watts, P., White, A. T., Wichard, J., Witt, K. L., Woolley, A., Woolley, D., Zwickl, C. & Myatt, G. J. 01.10.2019 in : Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 107, 104403, 21 S., 104403

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    Techno-economic assessment of non-sterile batch and continuous production of lactic acid from food waste

    Peinemann, J., Demichelis, F., Fiore, S. & Pleissner, D. 01.10.2019 in : Bioresource Technology. 289, 121631

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    Reversible formation of alcohol solvates and their potential use for heat storage

    Korhammer, K., Mihály, J., Bálint, S., Trif, L., Vass, Á., Tompos, A. & Tálas, E. 10.2019 in : Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 138, 1, S. 11-33 23 S.

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