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  1. 2024
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    How data on transformation products can support the redesign of sulfonamides towards better biodegradability in the environment

    Puhlmann, N., Olsson, O. & Kümmerer, K., 15.04.2024, in: Science of the Total Environment. 921, 13 S., 171027.

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    Spatial trends and ecotoxic risk assessment of selected pharmaceuticals in sediments from Lake Victoria, Uganda, East Africa

    Nantaba, F., Wasswa, J., Kylin, H., Bouwman, H., Palm, W-U. & Kümmerer, K., 01.01.2024, in: Science of the Total Environment. 906

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  4. 2023
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    Virtual participatory mapping of nature-based solutions in the Grande de Tárcoles River basin, Costa Rica: Connecting diverse knowledge systems in a context of physical immobility

    Schröter, B., Gottwald, S., Castro-Arce, K., Hartkopf, E., Aguilar-González, B. & Albert, C., 10.05.2023, in: Science of the Total Environment. 872, 162195.

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    Straw amendment and nitrification inhibitor controlling N losses and immobilization in a soil cooling-warming experiment

    Chen, H., Rosinger, C., Blagodatsky, S., Reichel, R., Li, B., Kumar, A., Rothardt, S., Luo, J., Brüggemann, N., Kage, H. & Bonkowski, M., 20.04.2023, in: Science of the Total Environment. 870, 162007.

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    Environmental degradation of human metabolites of cyclophosphamide leads to toxic and non-biodegradable transformation products

    Suk, M. & Kümmerer, K., 20.01.2023, in: Science of the Total Environment. 857, Part 3, 159454.

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  8. 2022
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    Flavonoids as biopesticides – Systematic assessment of sources, structures, activities and environmental fate

    Schnarr, L., Segatto, M. L., Olsson, O., Zuin, V. G. & Kümmerer, K., 10.06.2022, in: Science of the Total Environment. 824, 153781.

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    Green infrastructure connectivity analysis across spatiotemporal scales: A transferable approach in the Ruhr Metropolitan Area, Germany

    Wang, J., Rienow, A., David, M. & Albert, C., 20.03.2022, in: Science of the Total Environment. 813, 152463.

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    Three source-partitioning of CO2 fluxes based on a dual-isotope approach to investigate interactions between soil organic carbon, glucose and straw

    Chen, Z., Kumar, A., Brookes, P. C., Kuzyakov, Y., Luo, Y. & Xu, J., 10.03.2022, in: Science of the Total Environment. 811, 10 S., 152163.

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  13. 2021
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    Usually hated, sometimes loved: A review of wild ungulates' contributions to people

    Pascual-Rico, R., Morales-Reyes, Z., Aguilera-Alcalá, N., Olszańska, A., Sebastián-González, E., Naidoo, R., Moleón, M., Lozano Mendoza, J., Botella, F., von Wehrden, H., Martín-López, B. & Sánchez-Zapata, J. A., 20.12.2021, in: Science of the Total Environment. 801, 11 S., 149652.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenÜbersichtsarbeitenForschung

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