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    Donor Upgrading Strategies: Deepening Nonprofit Organizations Relationships with Donors

    Scherhag, C., Boenigk, S. & Soliman, M. 10.2020 Perspektiven des Dienstleistungsmanagements: Aus Sicht von Forschung und Praxis. Roth, S., Horbel, C. & Popp, B. (Hrsg.). 1 Aufl. Berlin: Gabler Verlag, S. 593-613 21 S.

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    Probing alignment of personal and organisational values for sustainability: An assessment of barrett's organisational consciousness model

    Klapper, R., Berg, L. & Upham, P. 01.09.2020 in : Sustainability (Switzerland). 12, 18, 20 S., 7584

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    Does it pay off? Integrated reporting and cost of debt: European evidence

    Gerwanski, J. 09.2020 in : Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. 27, 5, S. 2299-2319 21 S.

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    Innovation for Sustainability: Business Transformations Towards a Better World

    Upham, P. 09.2020 in : R&D Management. 50, 4, S. 431 1 S.

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    Re-visiting Effectuation: The Relationships with Causation, Entrepreneurial Experience, and Innovativeness

    Cha, V., Ruan, Y. & Frese, M. 28.08.2020 Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Unveiling the Cognitive and Emotional Aspects of Entrepreneurship. Caputo, A. & Pellegrini, M. M. (Hrsg.). Bingley: Emerald Publishing Limited, S. 213-237 26 S.

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    Challenges and boundaries in implementing social return on investment: An inquiry into its situational appropriateness

    Nielsen, J. G., Lueg, R. & van Liempd, D. 20.08.2020 in : Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

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    The contagion effect of environmental violations: The case of Dieselgate in Germany

    Bouzzine, Y. D. & Lueg, R. 07.07.2020 in : Business Strategy and the Environment. 29, 8, S. 3187-3202 15 S.

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