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  1. Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung

    A Configurational Approach to Investigating the Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Organizational Effectiveness Using Fuzzy-Set Analysis

    Puppatz, M., Wang, M. & Deller, J., 20.03.2023, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Group and Organization Management. 38 S.

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    Pandemic Boredom: Little Evidence That Lockdown-Related Boredom Affects Risky Public Health Behaviors Across 116 Countries

    Westgate, E. C., Buttrick, N. R., Lin, Y., El Helou, G., Agostini, M., Bélanger, J. J., G€utzkow, B., Kreienkamp, J., Abakoumkin, G., Khaiyom, J. H. A., Ahmedi, V., Akkas, H., Almenara, C. A., Atta, M., Bagci, S. C., Basel, S., Kida, E. B., Bernardo, A. B. I., Chobthamkit, P., Choi, H. S., Cristea, M., Csaba, S., Damnjanovic, K., Danyliuk, I., Dash, A., Di Santo, D., Douglas, K. M., Enea, V., Faller, D. G., Fitzsimons, G., Gheorghiu, A., Gómez, Á., Hamaidia, A., Han, Q., Helmy, M., Hudiyana, J., Jeronimus, B. F., Jiang, D. Y., Jovanović, V., Kamenov, Ž., Kende, A., Keng, S. L., Kieu, T. T. T., Koc, Y., Kovyazina, K., Kozytska, I., Krause, J., Kruglanski, A. W., Kurapov, A., Kutlaca, M., Lantos, N. A., Lemay, E. P., Lesmana, C. B. J., Louis, W. R., Lueders, A., Maj, M., Malik, N. I., Martinez, A., McCabe, K. O., Mehulić, J., Milla, M. N., Mohammed, I., Molinario, E., Moyano, M., Muhammad, H., Mula, S., Muluk, H., Myroniuk, S., Najafi, R., Nisa, C. F., Nyúl, B., O’Keefe, P. A., Osuna, J. J. O., Osin, E. N., Park, J., Pica, G., Pierro, A., Rees, J., Reitsema, A. M., Resta, E., Rullo, M., Ryan, M. K., Samekin, A., Santtila, P., Sasin, E., Schumpe, B. M., Selim, H. A., Stanton, M. V., Stroebe, W., Sutton, R. M., Tseliou, E., Utsugi, A., van Breen, J. A., Lissa, C. J. V., Veen, K. V., van Dellen, M. R., Vázquez, A., Wollast, R., Yeung, V. W. L., Zand, S., Žežzelj, I. L., Zheng, B., Zick, A., Zúñiga, C. & Leander, N. P., 13.03.2023, in: Emotion. 23, 8, S. 2370-2384 15 S.

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  3. Erschienen

    Expected climate change consequences and their role in explaining individual risk judgments.

    Gregersen, T., Doran, R., Böhm, G. & Pfister, H-R., 15.02.2023, in: PLoS ONE. 18, 2, 15 S., e0281258.

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  4. Do unbiased people act more rationally? - The case of comparative realism and vaccine intention

    Izydorczak, K., Dolinski, D., Genschow, O., Kulesza, W., Muniak, P., Casara, B. G. S. & Suitner, C., 01.02.2023, in: Royal Society Open Science. 10, 2, 19 S., 220775.

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  5. Erschienen

    Anthropomorphe Markengestaltung – Wenn Marken menschlich werden

    Seitz, L. & Bekmeier-Feuerhahn, S., 02.2023, in: Transfer, Werbeforschung & Praxis. 69, 2, S. 48-55 8 S.

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  6. Manipulating Belief in Free Will and Its Downstream Consequences: A Meta-Analysis

    Genschow, O., Cracco, E., Schneider, J., Protzko, J., Wisniewski, D., Brass, M. & Schooler, J. W., 02.2023, in: Personality and Social Psychology Review. 27, 1, S. 52-82 31 S.

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    The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: Action and Process

    Frese, M. & Gielnik, M., 23.01.2023, in: Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. 10, 1, S. 137-164 28 S.

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    Deal or no deal? How round vs precise percentage offers and price-ending mimicry affect impasse risk in over 25 million eBay negotiations

    Petrowsky, H. M., Schweinsberg, M., Seitz, L., Funk, B. & Loschelder, D. D., 01.01.2023, in: Journal of Economic Psychology. 94, 10 S., 102584.

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    Later Life Workplace Index: Validation of an English Version

    Finsel, J., Wöhrmann, A. M., Wang, M., Wilckens, M. R. & Deller, J., 01.01.2023, in: Work, Aging and Retirement. 9, 1, S. 71-94 24 S., waab029.

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    Non-driving related activities in heavy goods vehicles with SAE Level 3 and 4: An attempt to systematise

    Beck, K., Flämig, H., Höger, R. & Schindhelm, R., 01.01.2023, in: VDI Berichte. 2023, 2417, S. 205-216 12 S.

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