LeverAge: A European network to leverage the multi-age workforce

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  • Justin Marcus
  • Susanne Scheibe
  • Dorien Kooij
  • Donald M. Truxillo
  • Sara Zaniboni
  • Liili Abuladze
  • Noura Al Mursi
  • Peter A. Bamberger
  • Mariia Balytska
  • Jolanta Perek-Białas
  • Stephan Alexander Boehm
  • Anne Burmeister
  • Ignacio Cabib
  • Mauricio Caon
  • Eva Derous
  • Norma Betanzos Diaz
  • Lisbeth Drury
  • Raphael Eppler-Hattab
  • Ulrike Fasbender
  • Marta Fülöp
  • Trude Furunes
  • Fabiola H. Gerpott
  • Bernadeta Goštautaitė
  • Cal J. Halvorsen
  • Tomislav Hernaus
  • Ilke Inceoglu
  • Mustafa Iskifoglu
  • Kalina Sotiroska Ivanoska
  • Ruth Kanfer
  • Sibel Kiran
  • Sabina Klimek
  • Florian Kunze
  • Emete Biran Mertan
  • Cleo Varianou-Mikellidou
  • Horia Moasa
  • Yin Lu Ng
  • Sharon K. Parker
  • Susan Reh
  • Vebina Resuli
  • Martina Schmeink
  • Slavka Silberg
  • Inês C. Sousa
  • Dirk D. Steiner
  • Yulia Stukalina
  • Jasmina Tomas
  • Gabriela Topa
  • Konrad Turek
  • Michela Vignoli
  • Monika von Bonsdorff
  • Dahua Wang
  • Mo Wang
  • Dannii Yuen-lan Yeung
  • Kemal Yildirim
  • Xin Zhang
  • Jana Žnidaršič
Bringing together 150+ scholars and practitioners from 50+ countries, and funded by the European Commission, COST Action LeverAge (https://www.cost.eu/actions/CA22120/) is the first network building project of its kind in the work and organizational psychology and human resource management (WOP/HRM) aspects of work and aging. Focused on the aging workforce, the Action aims to foster interdisciplinary and multinational scientific excellence and the translation of science to practical and societal impact across four years. Based on a research synthesis, we identify five broad research directions for work and aging science including work and organizational practices for a multi-age workforce, successful aging at work, the integration of age-diverse workers and knowledge transfer, aging and technology at work, and career development in later life and retirement. We provide key research questions to guide scientific inquiry along these five research directions alongside best practice recommendations to expand scholarly impact in WOP/HRM.
ZeitschriftWork, Aging and Retirement
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PublikationsstatusAngenommen/Im Druck - 17.05.2024