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    Machine Learning Analysis in the Diagnostics of the Dynamics of Ball Bearing with Different Radial Internal Clearance

    Ambrożkiewicz, B., Syta, A., Gassner, A., Georgiadis, A., Litak, G. & Meier, N., 2023, Recent Trends in Wave Mechanics and Vibrations : Proceedings of WMVC 2022. Dimitrovová, Z., Gonçalves, R., Biswas, P. & Silva, T. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer Schweiz, S. 599-606 8 S. (Mechanisms and Machine Science; Band 125).

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  2. Angenommen/Im Druck

    The Subtraction Logic in Digital Workplace Transformation: Deinstitutionalising the Taken-for-Granted

    Zimmer, M. P., Baiyere, A. & Salmela, H., 2023, (Angenommen/Im Druck) in: Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

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    Responsible Artificial Intelligence Systems: Critical Considerations for Business Model Design

    Zimmer, M. P., Minkkinen, M. & Mäntymäki, M., 31.12.2022, in: Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. 34, 2, S. 113-162 50 S., 4.

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    Watch out, pothole! Featuring Road Damage Detection in an End-to-end System for Autonomous Driving

    Kortmann, F., Faßmeyer, P., Funk, B. & Drews, P., 01.11.2022, in: Data and Knowledge Engineering. 142, 102091.

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  5. Enabling AI capabilities in government agencies: A study of determinants for European municipalities

    Mikalef, P., Lemmer, K., Schaefer, C., Ylinen, M., Fjørtoft, S. O., Torvatn, H. Y., Gupta, M. & Niehaves, B., 01.10.2022, in: Government Information Quarterly. 39, 4, 15 S., 101596.

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  6. Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung

    Digital guided self-help for eating disorders: thematic analysis of participant text messages to coaches

    Sadeh-Sharvit, S., Idan, O., Fowler, L. A., Fitzsimmons-Craft, E. E., Firebaugh, M-L., Smith, A., Graham, A. K., Goelf, N. J., Flatt, R. E., Balantekinh, K. N., Monterubiod, G. E., Karam, A. M., Funk, B., Trockel, M. T., Wilfley, D. E. & Taylor, C. B., 30.09.2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Eating Disorders, The Journal of Treatment & Prevention. 9 S.

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  7. Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung

    Formulating and solving integrated order batching and routing in multi-depot AGV-assisted mixed-shelves warehouses

    Xie, L., Li, H. & Luttmann, L., 06.09.2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: European Journal of Operational Research .

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    Are We Discovering or Making Concepts? Performativity in Concept Defining

    Niemimaa, M. & Zimmer, M. P., 07.2022, PACIS 2022 proceedings. AIS eLibrary, 9 S. 1853

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  9. Erschienen

    Dividing Apples and Pears: Towards a Taxonomy for Agile Transformation

    Lueg, R., Zimmer, M. P. & Drews, P., 07.2022, PACIS 2022 proceedings. AIS eLibrary, 17 S. 1435

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  10. Smart cities as hubs: Connect, collect and control city flows

    Anthopoulos, L. G., Pourzolfaghar, Z., Lemmer, K., Siebenlist, T., Niehaves, B. & Nikolaou, I., 01.06.2022, in: Cities. 125, 103660.

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    Analysis of semi-open queueing networks using lost customers approximation with an application to robotic mobile fulfilment systems

    Otten, S., Krenzler, R., Xie, L., Daduna, H. & Kruse, K., 06.2022, in: OR Spectrum. 44, 2, S. 603-648 46 S.

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  12. Erschienen

    FaST: A linear time stack trace alignment heuristic for crash report deduplication

    Rodrigues, I. M., Aloise, D. & Fernandes, E. R., 23.05.2022, The 2022 Mining Software Repositories Conference: MSR 2022, Proceedings; 18-20 May 2022, Virtual; 23-24 May 2022, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. New York: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., S. 549-560 12 S. (Proceedings - IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mining Software Repositories ).

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  13. Erschienen

    Who can receive the pass? A computational model for quantifying availability in soccer

    Dick, U., Link, D. & Brefeld, U., 01.05.2022, in: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. 36, 3, S. 987-1014 28 S.

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  14. Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung

    Co-Shaping an Ecosystem for Responsible AI: Five Types of Expectation Work in Response to a Technological Frame

    Minkkinen, M., Zimmer, M. P. & Mäntymäki, M., 04.2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Information Systems Frontiers. 19 S.

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  15. Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung

    Performance predictors for graphics processing units applied to dark-silicon-aware design space exploration

    Sonohata, R., Arigoni, D. C. A., Fernandes, E. R., Ribeiro dos Santos, R. & Dessandre Duenha, L., 04.03.2022, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung) in: Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. 16 S., e6877.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungbegutachtet

  16. Erschienen

    Robustness and disturbances in public transport

    Ge, L., Voss, S. & Xie, L., 04.03.2022, in: Public Transport. 14, 1, S. 191-261 71 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungbegutachtet

  17. TraceSim: An Alignment Method for Computing Stack Trace Similarity

    Rodrigues, I. M., Khvorov, A., Aloise, D., Vasiliev, R., Koznov, D., Fernandes, E. R., Chernishev, G., Luciv, D. & Povarov, N., 01.03.2022, in: Empirical Software Engineering. 27, 2, 41 S., 53.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungbegutachtet

  18. Erschienen

    DASC-PM v1.1: A Process Model for Data Science Projects

    Schulz, M., Neuhaus, U., Kaufmann, J., Kühnel, S., Alekozai, E. M., Rohde, H., Hoseini, S., Theuerkauf, R., Badura, D., Kerzel, U., Lanquillon, C., Daurer, S., Günther, M., Huber, L., Thiée, L-W., Heiden, P. Z., Passlick, J., Dieckmann, J., Schwade, F., Seyffarth, T., Badewitz, W., Rissler, R., Sackmann, S., Gölzer, P., Welter, F., Röth, J., Seidelmann, J. & Haneke, U., 03.2022, Elmshorn: NORDAKADEMIE gAG Hochschule der Wirtschaft. 89 S.

    Publikation: Bücher und AnthologienMonografienForschung

  19. Erschienen

    Clustering design science research based on the nature of the designed artifact

    Laine, J., Zimmer, M. P., Minkkinen, M., Salmela, H. & Mäntymäki, M., 01.01.2022, The Role of Digital Technologies in Shaping the Post Pandemic World: 21st IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society, I3E 2022, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, September 13–14, 2022, Proceedings. Papagiannidis, S., Alamanos, E., Gupta, S., Dwivedi, Y. K., Mäntymäki, M. & Pappas, I. O. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer Schweiz, S. 254–266 13 S. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Band 13454).

    Publikation: Beiträge in SammelwerkenKapitelbegutachtet

  20. Erschienen

    Comparing two hybrid neural network models to predict real-world bus travel time

    Nimpanomprasert, T., Xie, L. & Kliewer, N., 01.01.2022, in: Transportation Research Procedia. 62, S. 393-400 8 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenKonferenzaufsätze in FachzeitschriftenForschung

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