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    The role of perceptions and social norms in shaping women’s fertility preferences: a case study from Ethiopia

    Rodrigues, P., Manlosa, A. O., Fischer, J., Schultner, J., Hanspach, J., Senbeta, F. & Dorresteijn, I., 01.11.2022, in: Sustainability Science. 17, 6, S. 2473-2488 16 S.

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    Dalla Chiesa, C. & Handke, C., 16.03.2020, Handbook of Cultural Economics. Towse, R. & Hernandez, T. N. (Hrsg.). Edward Elgar Publishing, S. 158-167 10 S.

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    Pitfalls and potential of institutional change: Rain-index insurance and the sustainability of rangeland management

    Müller, B., Quaas, M. F., Frank, K. & Baumgärtner, S., 15.09.2011, in: Ecological Economics. 70, 11, S. 2137-2144 8 S.

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    Managing entrepreneurial and corporate contributions to sustainability transitions

    Schaltegger, S., Loorbach, D. & Hörisch, J., 2023, in: Business Strategy and the Environment. 32, 2, S. 891-902 12 S.

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    Digital–sustainable co-transformation: Introducing the triple bottom line of sustainability to digital transformation research

    Zimmer, M. P. & Järveläinen, J., 01.01.2022, Human Choice and Digital by Default: Autonomy vs Digital Determination: HCC 2022. Kreps, D., Davison, R., Komukai, T. & Ishii, K. (Hrsg.). Cham: Springer, S. 100-111 12 S. (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology; Band 656).

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    The Ecological Performance of Jit Logistics

    Reese, J., 1994, Operations Research Proceedings 1993: DGOR/NSOR Papers of the 22nd Annual Meeting of DGOR in Cooperation with NSOR. Dyckhoff, H., Derigs, U., Salomon, M. & Tijms, H. C. (Hrsg.). Berlin, Heidelberg ua.: Springer, S. 298-298 1 S. (Operations Research Proceedings).

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    Voices, Bodies and Organization: Bridging CCO scholarship and Diversity research

    Trittin-Ulbrich, H. & Villesèche, F., 01.01.2022, The Routledge Handbook of the Communicative Constitution of Organization. Basque, J., Bencherki, N. & Kuhn, T. (Hrsg.). New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group (US), S. 382-394 13 S. (Routledge studies in communication, organization, and organizing).

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    Exploring the implications of the value concept for performance assessment of sustainable business models

    Norris, S., 2022, 7th International Conference on New Business Models: Sustainable Business Model Challenges: Economic Recovery and Digital Transformation; Conference Proceedings. Laura, M., Minà, A. & Alaimo Di Loro, P. (Hrsg.). Rom: LUMSA University, S. 743-755 13 S.

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    Controller und Nachhaltigkeit im Kontext neuer Berichterstattungspflichten

    Lühn, M., Nuzum, A-K., Petersen, H. & Schaltegger, S., 2022, in: REthinking: Finance. 1, S. 25-33 9 S., REF1398613.

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    Strategic alliances for corporate sustainability innovation: The ‘how’ and ‘when’ of learning processes

    Hübel, C., Weissbrod, I. & Schaltegger, S., 01.12.2022, in: Long Range Planning. 55, 6, 20 S., 102200.

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