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  1. 2022
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    Can guided introspection help avoid rationalization of meat consumption? Mixed-methods results of a pilot experimental study

    Frank, P., Heimann, K., Kolbe, V. & Schuster, C., 01.09.2022, in: Cleaner and Responsible Consumption. 6, 10 S., 100070.

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    Fashion consumption during COVID-19: Comparative analysis of changing acquisition practices across nine countries and implications for sustainability

    Vladimirova, K., Henninger, C. E., Joyner-martinez, C., Iran, S., Diddi, S., Durrani, M., Iyer, K., Jestratijevic, I., Mccormick, H., Niinimäki, K., Thangavelu, P., Sauerwein, M., Singh, R., Simek, P. & Wallaschkowski, S., 01.06.2022, in: Cleaner and Responsible Consumption. 5, 13 S., 100056.

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