Assessing Quality of Teaching from Different Perspectives: Measurement Invariance across Teachers and Classes

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Comparing teachers’ self-assessment to classes’ assessment of quality of teaching can offer insights for educational research and be a valuable resource for teachers’ continuous professional development. However, the quality of teaching needs to be measured in the same way across perspectives for this comparison to be meaningful. We used data from 622 teachers self-assessing aspects of quality of teaching and of their classes (12229 students) assessing the same aspects. Perspectives were compared with measurement invariance analyses. Teachers and classes agreed on the average level of instructional clarity, and disagreed over teacher-student relationship and performance monitoring, suggesting that mean differences across perspectives may not be as consistent as the literature claims. Results showed a nonuniform measurement bias for only one item of instructional clarity, while measurement of the other aspects was directly comparable. We conclude the viability of comparing teachers’ and classes’ perspectives of aspects of quality of teaching.

ZeitschriftEducational Assessment
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 04.2021