Research in-between: The constitutive role of cultural differences in transdisciplinarity

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Transdisciplinary research can be considered an integrative practice that is grounded in dierence. It emerges as in-between space established among societal domains, dierent ways of knowing, acting and being, and constitutes a new topos in the landscape of societal institutions. We argue that it is through dierence that transdisciplinary research spaces are created and elaborate on the characteristics of these in-between spaces. We provide insights into theoretical considerations of the constitution of transdisciplinary research spaces and show how cultural dierences, determined by existing power relations and hegemonies, can be brought into fruition. Our aim is to contribute to theoretical considerations of a concept of research that is not reduced to academic research only but considered a cultural practice of people at stake to better understand and transform situations or phenomena of shared interest.
ZeitschriftTransdisciplinary Journal of Engineering & Science
Seiten (von - bis)169-179
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.01.2017