Collective teacher innovativeness in 48 countries: Effects of teacher autonomy, collaborative culture, and professional learning

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The current article examines the effects of teacher classroom autonomy and school culture on collective teacher innovativeness, through integrated professional learning. This examination draws upon an analysis of TALIS dataset 2018 gathered from 241 426 teachers of 15 672 schools in 48 OECD countries, using a multilevel structural equation modelling approach. The article underscores the importance of enhancing teachers' sense of classroom autonomy and collaborative school culture to promote collective teacher innovativeness. It suggests that a collaborative culture would encourage teachers to participate in integrated professional learning activities, and that collective participation in professional learning would enhance teachers’ collective innovativeness.
ZeitschriftTeaching and Teacher Education
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.10.2021

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The authors wish to thank the University of Glasgow, a DFG Heisenberg grant to Marcus Pietsch (PI 618/4-1, Quantitative School Leadership Research), and Aarhus University for supporting this research.

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