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  1. 2023
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    Informal and formal lesson planning in school internships: Practices among pre-service teachers

    Beckmann, T. & Ehmke, T., 01.10.2023, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 132, 11 S., 104249.

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    Exploring the role of intentions and expectations in continuing professional development in sustainability education

    Casanova, C. R., King, J. A. & Fischer, D., 01.07.2023, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 128, 104115.

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  4. 2022
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    Analyzing pre- and in-service teachers’ feedback practice with microteaching videos

    Holstein, A., Weber, K. E., Prilop, C. N. & Kleinknecht, M., 01.09.2022, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 117, 103817.

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    Quality content teaching for multilingual students: An international examination of excellence in instructional practices in four countries

    Viesca, K. M., Teemant, A., Alisaari, J., Ennser-Kananen, J., Flynn, N., Hammer, S., Perumal, R. & Routarinne, S., 01.05.2022, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 113, 103649.

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  7. 2021
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    Collective teacher innovativeness in 48 countries: Effects of teacher autonomy, collaborative culture, and professional learning

    Nguyen, D., Pietsch, M. & Gümüş, S., 01.10.2021, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 106, 13 S., 103463.

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  9. Erschienen

    The role of expert feedback in the development of pre-service teachers’ professional vision of classroom management in an online blended learning environment

    Prilop, C. N., Weber, K. E. & Kleinknecht, M., 03.2021, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 99, 12 S., 103276.

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  10. 2020
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    Pathways to educational change revisited– controversies and advances in the German teacher education system

    Straub, R. & Vilsmaier, U., 01.11.2020, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 96, 13 S., 103140.

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  12. 2019
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    What motivates teachers to participate in professional development? An empirical investigation of motivational orientations and the uptake of formal learning opportunities

    Richter, D., Kleinknecht, M. & Gröschner, A., 01.11.2019, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 86, 102929.

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  14. 2018
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  16. Teachers’ assessment competence: Integrating knowledge-, process-, and product-oriented approaches into a competence-oriented conceptual model

    Herppich, S., Praetorius, A. K., Förster, N., Glogger-Frey, I., Karst, K., Leutner, D., Behrmann, L., Böhmer, M., Ufer, S., Klug, J., Hetmanek, A., Ohle, A., Böhmer, I., Karing, C., Kaiser, J. & Südkamp, A., 11.2018, in: Teaching and Teacher Education. 76, S. 181-193 13 S.

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