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    Characterization of selected microalgae and cyanobacteria as sources of compounds with antioxidant capacity

    Almendinger, M., Saalfrank, F., Rohn, S., Kurth, E., Springer, M. & Pleissner, D. 01.03.2021 in : Algal Research. 53, 102168

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    Plant intraspecific competition and growth stage alter carbon and nitrogen mineralization in the rhizosphere

    Sun, Y., Zang, H., Splettstößer, T., Kumar, A., Xu, X., Kuzyakov, Y. & Pausch, J. 11.11.2020 in : Plant Cell and Environment. 12 S.

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    Editorial: Conversion of organic waste-to-food and feed

    Pleissner, D. & Smetana, S. 01.12.2020 in : Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. 26, 3 S., 100394

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    Malt and beer-related by-products as potential antioxidant skin-lightening agents for cosmetics

    Almendinger, M., Rohn, S. & Pleissner, D. 01.09.2020 in : Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy. 17, 9 S., 100282

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    Recent developments in microalgal conversion of organic-enriched waste streams

    Solovchenko, A., Lukyanov, A., Aswathanarayana, R. G., Pleissner, D. & Ambati, R. R. 08.2020 in : Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. 24, S. 61-66 6 S.

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    Techniques to Control Microbial Contaminants in Nonsterile Microalgae Cultivation

    Pleißner, D., Lindner, A. V. & Ambati, R. R. 12.2020 in : Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 192, 4, S. 1376-1385 10 S.

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    “Hunting Otherwise”: Women’s Hunting in Two Contemporary Forager-Horticulturalist Societies

    Reyes-García, V., Díaz Reviriego, I., Duda, R., Fernández-Llamazares, Á. & Gallois, S. 11.09.2020 in : Human Nature. 31, 3, S. 203-221 19 S.

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    Food waste and manure

    Ong, K. L., Kaur, G., Pleissner, D., Ashokkumar, M., Li, X., Li, C. & Lin, C. 01.03.2020 Handbook on Characterization of Biomass, Biowaste and Related By-products. Nzihou, A. (Hrsg.). 1 Aufl. Springer, Band 1, S. 899-938

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    Harmonising biodiversity conservation and food security in southwestern Ethiopia

    Manlosa, A. O., Rodrigues, P., Shumi, G., Hylander, K., Schultner, J., Dorresteijn, I., Hanspach, J., Jiren, T. S., Mausbach, M., Abson, D., Senbeta, F. & Fischer, J. 02.01.2020 1 Aufl. Sofia: Pensoft Publishers. 166 S.

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