Routledge Handbook on Commercial Space Law

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The Routledge Handbook of Commercial Space Law provides a definitive survey of of the transitions and adjustments across the stakeholder community contributing to outer space activities. The interaction between NewSpace, traditional aerospace industrials and non-traditional space-related technologies is driving market changes which will affect state practice in what has until now been a government dominated market. Greater private commercial participation will lead to new economic approaches to risk-sharing models driven by a space services- dominated market. This handbook is a detailed reference source of original articles which analyze and critically evaluate the scope of the current paradigm change, and explaining why space contracts and risk apportionment as currently known will change in tune with ongoing market transitions. Reference is made to the scope of best practices across various leading states involved in space activities. With contributions from a selection of highly regarded and leading scholars and practitioners in Commercial Space Law field, and the inclusion of salient documents, regulatory and contractual documents, the Routledge Handbook of Commercial Space Law is an essential resource for students, scholars and practitioners who are interested in the field of Commercial Space Law.
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PublisherTaylor & Francis
Number of pages536
ISBN (Print)978-1032100746, 1032100745
Publication statusSubmitted - 04.07.2023

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