Naturwissenschaftsdidaktik und Dokumentarische Methode: Anwendungen und Ausschärfungen der Dokumentarischen Methode für die naturwissenschaftsdidaktische Forschung

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In this article, a theoretical and methodological framing of the Documentary Method in the context of science education is presented. After a short overview of research contributions in science education that are based on the Documentary Method, its theoretical foundations, central terminology and methodical procedures are presented and examples are given. Previous research findings indicate that science education research gains from adding this methodological approach to its portfolio. Through the application of the Documentary Method, new and different research questions and content can be accessed or deeply analysed. Specific challenges in working with the Documentary Method are discussed. They result from the fact that normativity and norms coming with the science education perspective should be suspended in the research process. Subsequently, the articles published in the ZfDN Topical Collection “Science Education and Documentary Method” are surveyed for methodological specifics regarding the implementation of the Documentary Method. Finally, this framing contribution discusses the results of the other articles in the Topical Collection and illustrates that these insights are particularly well (or even only) accessible through the praxeological approach of the Documentary Method.
Translated title of the contributionScience Education and Documentary Method: Applications and Refinements of the Documentary Method for Science Education Research
Original languageGerman
Article number16
JournalZeitschrift für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften
Issue number1
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 09.10.2023

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