Aus „Erfahrung“ wird man selbstwirksam, motiviert und klug: Wie hängen unterschiedliche Komponenten professioneller Kompetenz von Lehramtsstudierenden mit der Nutzung von Lerngelegenheiten zusammen?

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Translated title of the contributionOne learns by experience—and becomes self-efficacious as well as motivated. : How do different components of student teachers’ professional competence relate to the use of learning opportunities?

This article focuses on the question to what extent the use of opportunities to learn (OTL) relates to aspects of student teachers’ professional competence. In a cross-sectional sample of N = 200 student teachers, the pedagogical knowledge, the professional perception of teaching, the pedagogical interest and self-efficacy beliefs related to teaching were investigated. OTL were assessed using information on the use of university courses, completed practicum phases and non-university experience in teaching. The results indicate that the use of university OTL contributes to the pedagogical knowledge; pedagogical experience outside the university is closely related to student teachers’ pedagogical interest. In addition, self-efficacy beliefs mediate relations between OTL and the examined aspects of professional competence. The results are discussed with regard to the design of teacher training in order to strengthen self-efficacy beliefs and additional aspects of professional competence.

Original languageGerman
JournalZeitschrift fur Erziehungswissenschaft
Number of pages27
StateE-pub ahead of print - 05.02.2021
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