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    Integrating indigenous and local knowledge in management and research on coastal ecosystems in the Global South: A literature review

    Loch, T. K. & Riechers, M., 15.10.2021, in : Ocean and Coastal Management. 212, 105821.

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    Added value of convection-permitting simulations for understanding future urban humidity extremes: case studies for Berlin and its surroundings

    Langendijk, G. S., Rechid, D., Sieck, K. & Jacob, D., 09.2021, in : Weather and Climate Extremes. 33, 14 S., 100367.

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    Social and Ecological Elements for a Perspective Approach to Citizen Science on the Beach

    Fanini, L., Costa, L. L., Zalmon, I. R. & Riechers, M., 17.08.2021, in : Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 9, 6 S., 694487.

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    Six modes of co-production for sustainability

    Chambers, J. M., Wyborn, C., Ryan, M. E., Reid, R. S., Riechers, M., Serban, A., Bennett, N. J., Cvitanovic, C., Fernández-Giménez, M. E., Galvin, K. A., Goldstein, B. E., Klenk, N. L., Tengö, M., Brennan, R., Cockburn, J. J., Hill, R., Munera, C., Nel, J. L., Österblom, H., Bednarek, A. T., Bennett, E. M., Brandeis, A., Charli-Joseph, L., Chatterton, P., Curran, K., Dumrongrojwatthana, P., Durán, A. P., Fada, S. J., Gerber, J. D., Green, J. M. H., Guerrero, A. M., Haller, T., Horcea-Milcu, A. I., Leimona, B., Montana, J., Rondeau, R., Spierenburg, M., Steyaert, P., Zaehringer, J. G., Gruby, R., Hutton, J. & Pickering, T., 08.2021, in : Nature Sustainability.

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    The effect of industrialization and globalization on domestic land-use: A global resource footprint perspective

    Dorninger, C., von Wehrden, H., Krausmann, F., Bruckner, M., Feng, K., Hubacek, K., Erb, K. H. & Abson, D. J., 01.07.2021, in : Global Environmental Change. 69, 102311.

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    Leverage points for addressing marine and coastal pollution: A review

    Riechers, M., Brunner, B. P., Dajka, J. C., Dușe, I. A., Lübker, H. M., Manlosa, A. O., Sala, J. E., Schaal, T. & Weidlich, S., 01.06.2021, in : Marine Pollution Bulletin. 167, 10 S., 112263.

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    Participatory scenario planning to facilitate human-wildlife coexistence

    Jiren, T. S., Riechers, M., Kansky, R. & Fischer, J., 31.05.2021, in : Conservation Biology. 9 S.

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    A leverage points perspective on institutions for food security in a smallholder-dominated landscape in southwestern Ethiopia

    Jiren, T. S., Riechers, M., Bergsten, A. & Fischer, J., 05.2021, in : Sustainability Science. 16, 3, S. 767-779 13 S.

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    A change of values is in the air

    Fischer, J., 01.04.2021, in : Nature Sustainability. 4, 4, S. 292-293 2 S.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenKommentare / DebattenForschung

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    Ecosystem services from forest and farmland: Present and past access separates beneficiaries in rural Ethiopia

    Schultner, J., Dorresteijn, I., Manlosa, A. O., von Wehrden, H., Hylander, K., Senbeta, F. & Fischer, J., 01.04.2021, in : Ecosystem Services. 48, 101263.

    Publikation: Beiträge in ZeitschriftenZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungbegutachtet

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