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    Participation in protected area governance: A systematic case survey of the evidence on ecological and social outcomes

    Huber, J. M., Newig, J. & Loos, J., 15.06.2023, in: Journal of Environmental Management. 336, 117593.

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    Toward spatial fit in the governance of global commodity flows

    Coenen, J., Sonderegger, G., Newig, J., Meyfroidt, P., Challies, E. R. T., Bager, S., Busck-Lumholt, L. M., Corbera, E., Friis, C., Frohn Pedersen, A., Laroche, P. C. S. J., Parra Paitan, C., Qin, S., Roux, N. & Zaehringer, J. G., 07.06.2023, in: Ecology and Society. 28, 2, 18 S., 24.

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    Leitartikel: Worauf warten wir noch – auf Godot?

    Kemfert, C., 01.06.2023, in: Wirtschaftsdienst. 103, 6, S. 358-359 2 S.

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    What enables metals ‘being’ ‘responsible’? An exploratory study on the enabling of organizational identity claims through a new sustainability standard

    Imbrogiano, J-P., Steiner, B., Junior, R. M. & Sturman, K., 01.06.2023, in: Resources Policy. 83, S. 1-10 10 S., 103619.

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    Toward the sustainability state? Conceptualizing national sustainability institutions and their impact on policy-making

    Mathis, O. L., Rose, M., Newig, J. & Bauer, S., 06.2023, in: Environmental Policy and Governance. 33, 3, S. 313-324 12 S.

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    Thesenpapier zum Fachgespräch zum Thema „Weiterentwicklung des Parlamentarischen Beirats für nachhaltige Entwicklung“

    Rose, M., 24.05.2023, 4 S.. Nr. 20(26)63, Mai 24, 2023.

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    Promising practices for dealing with complexity in research for development

    Abad, C. R., Bieri, S., Eschen, R., Fuerst, S., Jacobi, J., Jiménez, E., Zonta, A. L., Naughton, M., Schaffner, U., Winkler, M. S. & Flury, M., 20.05.2023, in: GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society. 32, 1, S. 115-124 10 S.

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    Practical wisdom and virtue ethics for knowledge co-production in sustainability science

    Caniglia, G., Freeth, R., Lüderitz, C., Leventon, J., West, S. P., John, B., Peukert, D., Lang, D. J., von Wehrden, H., Martín-López, B., Fazey, I., Russo, F., von Wirth, T., Schlüter, M. & Vogel, C., 05.2023, in: Nature Sustainability. 6, 5, S. 493-501 9 S.

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    Sustainable development through aesthetic expertise? Results and reflection of an experimental case study on arts-science policy intervention.

    Heinrichs, H. & Hoernemann, D., 06.03.2023, in: Visions for Sustainability. 19, S. 125-151 27 S., 7311.

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    Linking Tourism and Conservation on Privately Owned Natural Areas: A Systematic Review of English-Language Literature

    Müller, N., Rathgens, J., Fletcher, R. & Hilser, S., 01.03.2023, in: Society and Natural Resources. 36, 3, S. 306-325 20 S.

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