Festival TOKSI-LINE: feminism – environment – geopolitics

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Ulrike Gerhardt - Kurator*in

Toxic masculinity, toxic ignorance, toxic anger… But can feminism also be toxic? Toxic to whom and in what circumstances? At the end of January we will bring together the themes of feminism, the environment and Eastern European art in order to discuss ways how to think of about toxicity in our increasingly polluted world. According to Eurobarometer (2017) Estonia has one of the lowest levels of environmental awareness in Europe. To seek for solutions how to increase this awareness we have compiled a choice of videos tackling environmental issues from the collectively curated D’EST video platform that focuses on Eastern European feminist and collective artist positions. How does social and ecological toxicity affect our bodies and emotions? What can we change to care for our environment and one another better? How does the post-socialist past affect these changes? How does feminist theory make sense of humans in relation to the non-human world? What are the power-relations embedded in these connections and how does this affect our environment? How can art help in raising environmental awareness and can we imagine together a new environmental revolution?

The festival involves a workshop, video screenings, discussions and live music. Saturday events are in English and Sunday events are in Estonian.
Festival TOKSI-LINE: feminism – environment – geopolitics


Festival TOKSI-LINE: feminism – environment – geopolitics


Tallin, Estland

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