Soft Soil II/III – Beyond Emergency

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Ulrike Gerhardt - Kurator*in

In the second of three event clusters, SOFT SOIL takes a longer view on current developments. The situation caused by COVID-19 brings fundamental repercussions for the city. Unequal access to spaces and resources is intensified by the crisis, and re-existing mechanisms for exclusion are exacerbated. Ever-shifting legislation throws new questions into sharp relief—including the possibility for community activism in urban contexts. If commercial activities are prioritised in shared urban spaces, or racist police controls are intensified, how does this affect the scope for action? How, in light of restrictions, is it possible to maintain and build on solidarity structures against gentrification, discrimination, and isolation? Are current levers set into motion by political and economic interests aligned with processes of privatisation, economisation and financialisation already at work in the 1990s or earlier? Could looking towards the end of state socialism and the system change to capitalism help to better understand such processes? Has neoliberalism changed hearts and minds?
Soft Soil II/III – Beyond Emergency


Soft Soil II/III – Beyond Emergency


Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland

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