Institute of German Language and Literature Studies and their Didactics

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The institute is at an intersection between linguistics, didactics, educational- and cultural sciences regarding research and teaching. It is involved in several degree programmes, such as "Teaching and Learning, B.A.", "Master of Education (M.Ed.)", the "Leuphana B.A." and the major in cultural studies (M.A.). Scientific research and the promotion of young scientists are a central concern of the institute. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to complete their doctoral studies (Dr. phil.).

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  1. Deutsch-Förderung für Kinder mit Migrationshintergrund

    Weinhold, S.


    Project: Practical Project

  2. Die Lesesozialisation von Mädchen mit türkischem Migrationshintergrund

    Barton, A., Weinhold, S. & Garbe, C.


    Project: Dissertation project

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