Learning Soccer in Elementary School: Using Teaching Games for Understanding and Digital Media

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In this study, a digitally supported sports game teaching process for elementary school was investigated using the teaching approach, Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU). The investigation was carried out to investigate the research question: How do elementary school students experience and interpret the use of digital media when teaching soccer using the TGfU approach in physical education (PE) lessons? To this end, a teaching unit on soccer was carried out in four classes in fourth grade according to the TGfU teaching method. During the unit, the 9- and 10-year-old students recorded one another with an app and tagged certain game situations according to predefined criteria. The sequences (approximately 8 s) were discussed together during the reflection phases. Following the lesson, 65 guided interviews were conducted with students. The research approach focuses on the perspectives of the students involved. Data collection and analysis were based on grounded theory methodology. The interviews revealed very ambivalent perspectives on the use of the app. Overall, the students were very reflective about the use of the app. The digital medium was interpreted as an aid in the learning process and was clearly less important than playing the game itself. The children reported many attempts to implement the tactical ideas discussed together in the reflection phases in the subsequent game. However, many students who described themselves as good soccer players saw the app’s use as rather superfluous. The misuse of the film option was also interesting: The students often used this option as a video assistance referee, for example, to quickly clarify disputed situations. The results, thus, show extremely pragmatic handling of the digital tool by the students.
ZeitschriftFrontiers in Education
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The study was conducted as part of the CODIP project (Competencies for Digitally-Enhanced Individualized Practice). CODIP is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the joint “Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung” of the German federal and state governments.

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