Insights into adoption of farming practices through multiple lenses: an innovation systems approach

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  • Elizabeth Clarke
  • Tamara Jackson
  • Khamlouang Keoka
  • Viengsavanh Phimphachanvongsod
  • Pheng Sengxua
  • Phetsamone Simali
  • Len Wade
A complex systems approach to innovation provides rich insights into the drivers, barriers and key elements for innovation in rural systems. Through a case study of dry direct seeding (DDS) in smallholder systems in Laos, we revealed a “perfect storm” of challenges and opportunities that resulted in rapid adoption of DDS. Labour shortage, climate variability and machinery availability were key factors. The study highlights the need for a focus on the process of co- production of knowledge including researchers, farmers, other commercial partners, policymakers and a range of other actors for innovation in food systems, and the need for an adaptive approach for fostering and supporting an active and engaged innovation network. The lessons for the research and development community include; that every local system and situation is unique, physically, politically, socially and culturally; that focusing on one set of factors is never sufficient; and that timelines for change are long and require persistence and longer term commitment from donors.
ZeitschriftDevelopment in Practice: stimulating thought for action
Seiten (von - bis)983-998
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PublikationsstatusErschienen - 17.11.2018