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    Governing landscapes: An agenda for the assessment of grasslands and savannahs

    Eufemia, L., Wawrzynowicz, I., Bonatti, M., Partelow, S., Fischer, J. & Sieber, S., 09.03.2023, in: Frontiers in Sustainable Resource Management. 2, 7 S., 1134393.

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    “What is a ‘very severe cyclone’ please”? Uncovering knowledge and communication gaps in climate resilience realities

    Ghosh, A., Sen, A. & Frietsch, M., 15.02.2023, in: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 86, 17 S., 103499.

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    Increasing the accuracy and efficiency of wildlife census with unmanned aerial vehicles: a simulation study

    Fust, P. & Loos, J., 09.02.2023, in: Wildlife Research. 50, 12, S. 1008-1020 13 S., WR22074.

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    The role of institutions in food system transformations: lessons learned from transdisciplinary engagements in Ethiopia, the Philippines, and Indonesia

    Manlosa, A. O., Partelow, S., Jiren, T. S., Riechers, M. & Paramita, A. O., 01.01.2023, in: Ecosystems and People. 19, 1, 15 S., 2146753.

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    Recycling of organic residues to produce insulation composites: A review

    Schritt, H. & Pleissner, D., 01.12.2022, in: Cleaner Waste Systems. 3, 12 S., 100023.

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    Environmental governance of a Belt and Road project in Montenegro – National agency and external influences

    Coenen, J., Newig, J. & Meyfroidt, P., 01.08.2022, in: Land Use Policy. 119, 14 S., 106136.

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    Planetary Integrity

    Kotzé, L. J., Kim, R. E., Burdon, P., du Toit, L., Glass, L-M., Kashwan, P., Liverman, D., Montesano, F. S., Rantala, S., Sénit, C-A., Treyer, S. & Calzadilla, P. V., 31.07.2022, The Political Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals : Transforming Governance Through Global Goals?. Biermann, F., Hickmann, T. & Senit, C-A. (Hrsg.). Cambridge University Press, S. 140-171 32 S.

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    Planning for Sea Spaces II: Towards an Agenda for Research

    Crawford, J., Walsh, C., Sielker, F. & Smith, G., 06.2022, in: Planning Practice and Research. 37, 3, S. 269-275 7 S.

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    Improved models, improved information? Exploring how climate change impacts pollen, influenza, and mold in Berlin and its surroundings

    Langendijk, G. S., Rechid, D. & Jacob, D., 01.05.2022, in: Urban Climate. 43, 21 S., 101159.

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    Water, rivers and wetlands: Governance paradigms and principles

    Challies, E. & Newig, J., 25.03.2022, Routledge Handbook of Global Environmental Politics, Second Edition. Harris, P. G. (Hrsg.). Taylor and Francis Inc., S. 512-525 14 S.

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