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    Developing sufficiency-oriented offerings for clothing users: Business approaches to support consumption reduction

    Freudenreich, B. & Schaltegger, S., 20.02.2020, in: Journal of Cleaner Production. 247, 10 S., 119589.

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    The influence of feedback and awareness of consequences on the development of corporate sustainability action over time

    Hörisch, J., Wulfsberg, I. M. & Schaltegger, S., 01.02.2020, in: Business Strategy and the Environment. 29, 2, S. 638 - 650 13 S.

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    Business model patterns of sustainability pioneers - Analyzing cases across the smartphone life cycle

    Zufall, J., Norris, S., Schaltegger, S., Revellio, F. & Hansen, E. G., 20.01.2020, in: Journal of Cleaner Production. 244, 15 S., 118651.

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    The hidden power of language: How “value creation accounting” influences decisions on expenditures, cost reductions and staff costs

    Hummel, P. & Hörisch, J., 06.01.2020, in: Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal. 11, 1, S. 187-206 20 S.

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  5. Re-storying the Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Concepts: The Model-Narrative Review Method

    Hakala, H., O'Shea, G., Farny, S. & Luoto, S., 01.01.2020, in: International Journal of Management Reviews. 22, 1, S. 10-32 23 S.

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    The curvilinear and time-lagging impact of sustainability performance on financial performance: Evidence from Germany

    Nuber, C., Velte, P. & Hörisch, J., 01.01.2020, in: Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. 27, 1, S. 232-243 12 S.

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    Business Opportunities for Sustainable Modular Product Designs: Briefing Paper of the ‘Innovation Network aiming at Sustainable Smartphones’ (INaS)

    Revellio, F., Amend, C. S., Hansen, E. G. & Schaltegger, S., 2020, Lüneburg: Centre for Sustainability Management, 5 S.

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    Integration von Nachhaltigkeit in das Controlling: Praxisleitfaden für Unternehmen 2020

    Nuzum, A-K., Petersen, H., Lühn, M., Wenzig, J. & Schaltegger, S., 2020, 19 S.

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    Nachhaltigkeit als Treiber des Unternehmenserfolgs: Ein mehrperspektivischer Controllingansatz

    Schaltegger, S., 2020, in: REthinking: Finance. 2, 2, S. 34-39 6 S.

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    Responsible Management Learning and Education in Need of Inter- and Transdisciplinarity

    Beckmann, M. & Schaltegger, S., 2020, The SAGE Handbook of Responsible Management Learning and Education. Moosmeyer, D. C., Laasch, O., Parkes, C. & Brown, K. G. (Hrsg.). Los Angeles: SAGE Publications Ltd., S. 561-577 17 S.

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