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  1. CapaCity: Building Capacity for Climate Resilience and Sustainability in Cities

    Lang, D. J., John, B., Wiek, A., Keeler, L. W., Beaudoin, F. D., Fink, J., Shandas, V., Lerner, A., Almasan, O. & Tamm, K.


    Project: Research

  2. A-KÜST: Changes in the coastal climate - evaluation of alternative strategies in coastal protection, subproject 06: Perception and Cooperation

    Striegnitz, M., Schmidt, A., Lüdecke, G., von Storch, H., Weisse, R., Mayerle, R., Sauter, M., Ptak, T., Schlurmann, T. & Meon, G.


    Project: Research

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