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  1. HEB: Academic partnership for the conservation of biodiversity

    Michelsen, G., Rieckmann, M., Adomßent, M., Timm, J., Cosio, E. & Timaná, M.


    Project: Transfer (R&D project)

  2. iCon: Analysing plant invasions in their environmental context

    Haider, S., Milanović, M. & Kühn, I.


    Project: Research

  3. BELOW: Analysis of root traits to test for environmental filtering and niche complementarity in grassland communities

    Haider, S., Bruelheide, H., Jandt, U., Scheel, D. & Herz, K.


    Project: Research

  4. Biosecurity in mountains and northern ecosystems: current status and future challenges

    Haider, S., Milbau, A., Albihn, A., Alexander, J. M., Burgess, T. I., Daehler, C., Essl, F., Evengård, B., Greenwood, G. B., Muths, E., Nuñez, M. A., Pauchard, A., Pellissier, L., Rabitsch, W., Robertson, M. & Sanders, N. J.


    Project: Research

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