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  1. Scoring - Analysis of the Social Credit System in the PRC and Scoring in the West, Subproject: Data Infrastructure in East and West

    Warnke, M., Pias, C., Woesler, M., Martin, D., Nax, C. & Song, Y.


    Federal Ministry of Education and Research


    Project: Research

  2. Development of a distributed virtual environment for research and communication for the discourse of images in art history

    Warnke, M., Dieckmann, L. & Bredekamp, H.


    Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

    WA 2404/1-2

    Project: Research

  3. RiR – Relationen im Raum, Teilprojekt Informatische Aufarbeitung

    Brocke, M., Warnke, M., Kollatz, T. & Arnold, I.


    Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research


    Project: Research

  4. Hybrid Publishing

    Warnke, M., Beyes, T., Beverungen, A., Bunz, M., Heise, C., Kuper, H., Loebel, J., Worthington, S., Hall, G., Levin, T., Lovink, G., Shah, N. N., Amorosa, J., Burkhardt, M., Dieter, M., Gollner, U., Hui, Y., Kirchner, A., Kral, C., Le, M. & Peters, H.


    Funded by the European Structural Development Fund ERDF and the Federal State of Lower Saxony

    Project: Research

  5. Nachbarschafts-Technologien. Mathematik und Medien dynamischer Netzwerke

    Vehlken, S. & Harks, T.


    Funded by Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin

    Project: Scientific event

  6. Symposion: Soziale Medien - Neue Massen?

    Pias, C.


    Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

    Project: Scientific event

  7. DFG-Network: Sound in Media Culture. Aspects of a Cultural History of Sound

    Großmann, R. & Hanacek, M.


    German Research Foundation

    Project: Research

  8. Meta-Image – a collaborative environment for the image discourse

    Warnke, M., Schirmbacher, P., Dieckmann, L. & Kliemann, A.


    Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

    WA 2404/1-1

    Project: Research

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