An introduction to sliding mode control for interdisciplinary education

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This paper proposes a new lecture structure for an introduction to Sliding Mode Control (SMC) for a wider audience of undergraduate students. In particular, the intuitive derivation of the sliding variable and choice of the sliding surface is emphasized in order to obtain an intuitive understanding in a gradual manner. The structure of the lecture is conceived in an inclusive way, considering only the common mathematical high school background and basic knowledge about simple differential equations and their solutions. In this sense, SMC can represent a possible application of the already acquired knowledge and in the meantime provide contact with one of the most important control techniques in theory and application. The paper intends to give a possible structure of an interdisciplinary lecture in SMC for teachers and students (in particular, non-technical students). By presenting the research-based approach and the results of the implementation, the paper contributes to the discourse on interdisciplinary education in engineering.

TitelSEFI 2022 - 50th Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, Proceedings
HerausgeberHannu-Matti Jarvinen, Santiago Silvestre, Ariadna Llorens, Balazs Vince Nagy
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VerlagUniversitat Politecnica de Catalunya
ISBN (Print)9788412322262
ISBN (elektronisch)9788412322262
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 01.09.2022
VeranstaltungSEFI 50th Annual Conference - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), Barcelona, Spanien
Dauer: 19.09.202222.09.2022
Konferenznummer: 50

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