Knowledge management in software companies

Project: Transfer (R&D project)

Project participants


A central component of the value chain of many software companies is the configuration, customization and installation of the software at the customer's site. The integration into the technical infrastructure of the customer makes it necessary in many cases to adapt and if necessary extend the software for the customized requirements. Project teams that plan and execute the implementation process go through a steep learning curve during this phase, in which the customer's needs are analyzed, software changes are specified and programmed, and organizational processes are adapted. A knowledge management system designed in cooperation with Werum Software und Systems AG, which allows the exchange of knowledge between project teams, systematically evaluates new findings and, if necessary, develops them into guidelines and best practices, and provides more efficient access to expert knowledge, can significantly improve the operational performance of project teams. In this context, not only the technical support of knowledge processes was considered, but also the cultural and organizational framework.
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