Reflexive Multi-Criteria Evaluation as a Tool to Integrate Multiple Values of Scientists and Stakeholders

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Anke Schmidt - Sprecher*in

Coastal protection strategies increasingly have to take into account the effects of climate change. At present, engineering and natural science models that assess the impact of global climatic transformations on regional coastal zones and their protection structures remain rather detached from societal bodies of knowledge. Various alternative adaptation options such as dike reinforcement, accommodation or retreat may conflict with value-based interests and priorities of different stakeholders.
This paper argues, that innovative coastal protection requires not only interdisciplinary but also transdisciplinary research that takes into consideration the whole array of actors involved in regional coastal protection.

The transdisciplinary design of the research project A-KÜST – “Changes in the Coastal Climate: Evaluation of Alternative Strategies in Coastal Protection” provided an iterative process to integrate the different valuations of scientists, experts, administrators, and stakeholders, already at an early stage of scientific research and of strategy development. This reflexive multiple-step process and its results will be presented and discussed.

The reflexive multi-criteria evaluation process revealed to be a promising methodological approach in transdisciplinary research contexts, by meeting the requirements of integrating the entire array of societal and scientific actors, their knowledge and interests in a transparent procedure. It can therefore foster communication and common understanding among science and practice, and finally strengthen the societal anchoring of adaptation strategies within the governance network of regional actors.


ECCA European Climate Adaptation Conference 2013


Hamburg, Deutschland

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