Interpersonelle Kompetenzen in VR vermitteln - ein 3D-360°-videobasierter Ansatz

Aktivität: Vorträge und GastvorlesungenKonferenzvorträgeForschung

Yannik Escher - Sprecher*in

Poldi Kuhl - Ko-Autor*in

Simon Schweigler - Sprecher*in

Declarative knowledge does not inevitably go hand in hand with competencies. Students may theoretically know a lot about being a teacher or how to behave in job interviews, but at the same time have few competencies and experiences in these areas. This is where our research project comes in: With the help of 3D 360° videos, students react in VR to challenging practical situations, reflect on their own behavior, and thus build their interpersonal competencies. In the short presentation, the status quo of our VR applications will be presented and the effectiveness of VR for interpersonal competence building as well as first evaluation results and development potentials will be discussed.




Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Veranstaltung: Konferenz