Evaluation der Implementation konzeptuell unterschiedlicher Maßnahmen zur Leseförderung in der Sekundarstufe I

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  • Elmar Souvignier
  • Nina Zeuch
  • Jörg Jost
  • Fabiana Karstens
  • Sarah-Ines Meudt
  • Anke Schmitz
Based on an evaluation project as part of the program “Bildung durch Sprache und Schrift” (BiSS) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, this study examines preconditions of effective implementation of reading skill promotion into school practice within two BiSS-groups and one control group. The two programs largely differed with respect to their implementation strategy (top-down vs. bottom-up) and complexity of the teaching material. We used teacher surveys and competence tests for students to evaluate the two programs. Two samples of 100 and 98 teachers were surveyed regarding preconditions (beliefs, self-efficacy, knowledge, acceptance) and regarding desired effects (fidelity, usage of materials). Development of students’ reading skills (reading fluency, reading comprehension, reading strategies, reading motivation) was investigated in a longitudinal study with N = 1054 students. Results reveal few usage and positive effects within the BiSS-groups than intended. Rather, contrasts between the results for the two programs are marginal despite their conceptual differences. Analyses of intercorrelations between aspects of implementation demonstrate that successful implementation depends on the fit of characteristics of the program, the individual teacher, and specific circumstances of the school. Implications for research and practice are discussed.
Translated title of the contributionEvaluation of the implementation of conceptually different programs to foster reading in middle school
Original languageGerman
JournalZeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft
Issue number4
Pages (from-to)883-908
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 08.2021