Globale Textkohäsion zur Förderung des Textverständnisses: Wie wirkt die globale Textkohäsion bei unterschiedlichen Lesestrategiekenntnissen?

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In an experimental study it was investigated if global text cohesion promotes expository rea-ding comprehension of students attending 9thclass. It was analysed, which students profit fromglobal cohesion if their knowledge about reading strategies is considered. The independentvariable consisted of two expository texts: a globally cohesive and a globally less cohesive text.Knowledge about reading strategies was assessed to observe interactions between global cohe-sion and readers abilities. Multivariate regressionanalyses show that all students profited fromglobal text cohesion irrespective of their reading strategy knowledge. They achieved bettermeans in reading comprehension after reading the highly cohesive text than after reading theglobally incohesive text. The findings are discussed with respect to interdisciplinary coopera-tion concerning the production of school texts, the specification of global text cohesion and theconception of comprehension tests for empirical studies.
Original languageGerman
JournalDidaktik Deutsch
Issue number39
Pages (from-to)42-60
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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