Voices, Bodies and Organization: Bridging CCO scholarship and Diversity research

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Focusing on the voices that constitute organizations, “communicative constitution of organization” (CCO) scholars share a fundamental interest in plurality with researchers of diversity in organizations. Yet, the two literatures are rarely combined. In this chapter, by bringing together the different voices of CCO and diversity research, we aim to achieve the following: first, by reading diversity literature through a CCO lens, we argue for novel ways to do research at the intersection of the diversity and CCO research streams. Second, and conversely, we consider how we can take stock of the diversity literature by further engaging with the notions of power, embodiment and affect when doing work aligned with the CCO perspective. Third, we aim to encourage further fruitful collaboration between CCO and diversity scholars – a goal we hope this chapter testifies to.
TitelThe Routledge Handbook of the Communicative Constitution of Organization
HerausgeberJoëlle Basque, Nicolas Bencherki, Timothy Kuhn
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VerlagRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group (US)
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