Decreasing Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Gas Emissions in Transportation: Sensing, control and reduction of emissions

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Within all areas of transportation, solutions for economical and environmentally friendly technology are being examined. Fuel consumption, combustion processes, control and limitation of pollutants in the exhaust gas are technological problems, for which guidelines like 98/69/EC and 99/96 determine the processes for the reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. Apart from technological solutions, the consequences of international legislation and their effects on environmental and climate protection in the area of the transportation are discussed.
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Number of pages121
ISBN (print)978-3-642-11975-0
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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NameGreen Energy and Technology
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  • Environmental informatics - Airplane, Car, Environment, Exhaust-Fumes, Micro-Measurement-Technology, OBD, OBM, On-Board Diagnosis, On-Board Measurement, Pollutant Reduction, Sensor Technology, Sensors, Ship, Waste Gas