How do workers gain voice on digital work platforms? Hotspots and blind spots in research on platform worker voice

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Having emerged about one decade ago, digital work platforms have become an established phenomenon in the contemporary work landscape. In the most general terms, digital work platforms mediate between demand (clients consuming a service) and supply (workers providing the service) of labour (Howcroft & Bergvall-Kåreborn, 2019; Kenney & Zysman, 2016; Kuhn & Maleki, 2017), using internet and mobile technology to coordinate dispersed actors and decentralize work processes. At the same time, platforms centralize information and discipline workers through algorithms, rankings and reputation systems (eg Attwood-Charles, 2019; Kornberger et al., 2017). The work on these platforms can either take place completely online, commonly called cloudwork or crowdwork1 (Kaganer et al., 2013; Shafiei Gol et al., 2019) or offline, commonly called gig work (Maffie, 2020). For example, crowdworkers from around …
TitelMissing Voice? : Worker Voice and Social Dialogue in the Platform Economy
HerausgeberAdrian Wilkinson, Tony Dundon, Paula K Mowbray, Sarah Brooks
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VerlagEdward Elgar Publishing
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