Cost and schedule overruns in large hydropower dams: an assessment of projects completed since 2000

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  • Judith Plummer Braeckman
  • Tim Disselhoff
  • Julian Kirchherr
This paper presents novel data on cost and schedule overruns in recent dam projects started and completed since 2000 and compares them with pre-existing data sets on projects started before 2000. Combining these data, a meta-data set was created of 184 cost overrun and 191 time overrun data points. For post-2000 projects, the average cost overrun was 33% and schedule overrun was 18% as compared with 46% and 37% respectively for pre-2000 projects. While a decrease in the averages was observed, the change in cost overruns is not statistically significant, whereas the change in time overruns is significant.
ZeitschriftInternational Journal of Water Resources Development
Seiten (von - bis)839-854
Anzahl der Seiten16
PublikationsstatusErschienen - 02.09.2020