A Hybrid Hydraulic Piezo Actuator for Camless Internal Combustion Engines Controlled with an MPC and an Affine Feedforward Structure

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This paper deals with a hybrid actuator composed by a piezo and a hydraulic part and with a Robust Model Predictive Control (RMPC) structure combined with a feedforward control in camless engine motor applications. A combination between a feedforward control based on an inversion of the system and an MPC structure is considered. To perform a feedforward regulator an identification of the start condition of the piezo actuator is needed. This start condition of the piezo actuator is due to some structural constructive aspects which generate an offset into the piezo position. The feed- forward regulator results to be an affine function to compensate this offset. A procedure of its identification is proposed. The idea of the conception of the proposed new actuator is to use the advantages of both, the high precision of the piezo and the force of the hydraulic part. In fact, piezoelectric actuators (PEAs) are commonly used for precision positionings, despite PEAs present nonlinearities, such as hysteresis, saturations, and creep. In the control problem such nonlinear- ities must be taken into account. In this paper the Preisach dynamic model with the above mentioned nonlinearities is considered together with a feedforward control combined with a RMPC. Simulations of the implementation of the MPC structure together with the feedforward regulator and the above mentioned start condition of the piezo actuator with real data are shown.
Original languageEnglish
JournalProcedia Engineering
Pages (from-to)685–696
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 01.01.2012

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  • Engineering - Camless engines, Model predictive control, Piezo actuators